Malawi cash-gate: PAC calls for central bank governor interdiction, demands Paul Mpwiyo to appear before them

Malawi cash-gate: PAC calls for central bank governor interdiction, demands Paul Mpwiyo to appear before themAs the cash gate continues to take a new twist and a lot of revelation being made, The Malawian has learnt that Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) wants the Reserve Bank of Malawi governor Charles Chuka to be interdicted or sent to another department to pave way for smooth investigation on the looting of government resources at Capitol Hill, the center of government business in Malawi.

According to our sources within PAC, it has been established that some government cheques which were cashed by Peoples Party senior official Osward Lutepo, who is the largest beneficiary of cash gate and other people involved in the scam exceeded the limit of payable amount within government system raising more questions and suspicion that the RBM governor may have played a role in the looting Billions of Kwacha at Capitol Hill.

“I cannot disclose much as the Parliamentary Accounts Committee will make this information known to the National Assembly on Wednesday 6th November, 2013 but PAC wants the Central Bank governor either interdicted or transferred to another department to pave way for investigation, he has to explain some irregularities we have noted which has seen government coffers losing Billions under his nose.” said one of the members within the PAC.

The Malawian can also confirm that the Parliamentary Accounts Committee wants the shot Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo appear before the committee to hear his side of the story. If that will not be possible, PAC is demanding the government to make an arrangement that some of its members should go to South Africa to interrogate him on the same.

“Yes, it’s very true that our 30 point presentation is also seeking PAC to interrogate Mphwiyo as well as formation of a commission of Enquiry to establish whether Paul Mphwiyo’ shooting is connected to the looting at Capitol Hill or something else”, confirmed the PAC member to us on Monday,4th November,2013.

Cash gate scandal has seen several countries and agencies withdrawing their support to Malawi as well as a blame game between ruling People’s Party and opposition Democratic Progressive Party. A team of International Monetary Fund (IMF) official is also expected in the country today, 5th November m2013 to make independent investigation on the recent revelations of looting at Capitol Hill and that will determine whether they should continue supporting Malawi or not based on their findings.

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